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Dental Crowns Jefferson City

A tooth which is decayed or damaged severely may not be able to sustain on its own. A weak tooth becomes weaker when it takes biting load. A shield is required to protect such teeth from physical damage and support the functionality. Dental crown is a cap that is designed to cover weak tooth and provide physical support to it. Once in place, the crown can last for as many as 6-8 years. It is one of the major dental restorations that we use to protect teeth at our office. Our crowns have helped create healthy smiles for many of our patients from Jefferson City and surrounding communities. If you or any of your family members have a damaged tooth or are suffering from toothache, make an appointment and visit our office.

When is a dental crown necessary?

The ultimate goal of every dental treatment is to protect teeth and gums. When a tooth is injured or decayed severely, it may be under the risk of falling out. The infection can spread to the supporting structure and to other teeth. A dentist treats the decayed/injured tooth to restore its functions. A dental crown not only acts as a shield to weak tooth but also aids biting and chewing functions. By retaining the tooth, the patient can keep his/her supporting bone safe and healthy. Following are some of the cases when a dental crown is recommended.

  • To support a tooth with a large filling
  • To protect a severely decayed tooth
  • To cover a damaged tooth
  • As a replacement to lost tooth along with dental implants

Dental crown restoration procedure

A crown can be made of gold alloy, porcelain, ceramic or other materials. The esthetic requirement and functional necessities are taken into consideration when choosing a particular type of crown. The molars take higher load as compared to other teeth. A damaged/decayed molar tooth requires a crown which can withstand load and is resistant to wear. Metal crowns or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns may be recommended as a restoration for molar teeth. In other cases where the front tooth/teeth need a replacement, porcelain crowns may be a good option.

The restoration of tooth using dental crown requires preparation. Firstly the tooth is numbed using local anesthesia. Some portion of the tooth is removed carefully in order to create space for placing the crown. Impression of prepared tooth is taken and a temporary crown is fabricated at our office. This temporary crown protects the tooth until the permanent crown gets fabricated in the lab.

During the second visit, temporary crown is removed and the tooth is cleaned. We check the fit of permanent crown and resend it for corrections if necessary. On confirmation of fit, the crown can be cemented over the natural tooth. Our dentist dedicates time to explain patients how to take care of the restoration.

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