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Dental Implants Jefferson City

When a tooth is lost, a difference is created in the normal functioning of oral cavity. The chewing ability is compromised to some extent and there can be a number of other dental health problems that spring up. A lost tooth should be replaced with an appropriate dental restoration prevent these problems and improve the chewing efficiency. Dental implants are one of the most widely recommended tooth restoration options because of their physical properties and functional advantages. Dental implants have helped us bring out healthy smiles in many of our patients from Jefferson City and surrounding communities. Our tooth restorations have been pivotal in improving the oral health of many people.

How tooth loss affects oral health?

Our oral cavity is designed to have 32 teeth. When a tooth is lost the condition directly affects your ability to bite and chew food. As a result your chewing efficiency reduces and you may need more effort to break down the same amount of food as compared to before. This puts more stress on surrounding teeth leading to tooth wear.

The gap in the dentition can lead to shift in position of nearby teeth. This may cause malocclusion, which in-turn leads to many other problems. There can be more food lodgment in the gap, which, if not taken care, can increase the risk of gum infection. Tooth loss also causes bone resorption.

Dental implant – How tooth is restored?

Dental implant is a metal post which is designed as a replacement to lost tooth. It can be made of titanium or zirconium. The ability of these two materials to bond with the supporting bone gives great functional benefits to the tooth replacement. The restoration procedure involves a few phases.

The first phase is where dental examination and treatment planning takes place. Our dentist checks the status of gums and supporting bone. We make a note of patient’s medical history. On confirmation that a surgery can be performed, we set a treatment plan and map the position of implant. The treatment process is explained to patients.

Local anesthesia is used to numb the implant site. An incision is made in the gums and dental drills are used to create a bony recess in the mapped position. Implant is torque into the supporting bone and covered with a cap. The gums are sutured back after the process and the restoration is left to heal. In few months, the implant becomes an integral part of the bone.

After the healing period, the cap is removed and impressions of teeth are taken. An abutment is fixed over the implant. A dental crown gets fabricated in the lab based on the impressions taken. The crown can be cemented or screwed over the implant. On completion of the surgery, our dentist explains patients how to take care of oral health.

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