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Extractions Jefferson City

The ultimate aim of dental care is prevent dental problems by protecting teeth and gums and preserving them in best shape. When a tooth is severely decayed, damaged or is causing harm to oral health, it may have to be extracted for the benefit of the patient. Tooth extraction is a painless procedure which can be completed in a single dental visit. Our dentist recommends extraction only when it is the last option and there is no other choice but to remove the tooth to improve oral health. At our dental practice in Jefferson City, MO, we have the technology, facility and a trained team to take care of oral health needs of patients. Our oral care has certainly created a positive difference in the life of many families of the city and surrounding communities.

Why should a tooth be extracted?

A tooth may have to be extracted when it is decayed or damaged to a point where there is no way to protect the tooth. When the decayed tooth poses serious threat to the supporting structure or the nearby teeth, it is better to remove the tooth and restore it with a suitable tooth replacement.

In some cases, a tooth extraction may be recommended when there is an extra tooth grown which is causing malocclusion or crowding. In this case, the removal is suggested to aid the orthodontic treatment.

A wisdom tooth is extracted when it is impacted and it is causing harm to nearby teeth or the oral health. Wisdom teeth which do not erupt properly may form pockets around the gums and lead to infection. An impacted wisdom tooth can also cause physical damage to nearby tooth.

Tooth extraction – How it is done?

Tooth extraction is the process of removal of tooth along with its roots. It is performed with the help of local anesthesia. While some extraction procedures may be simple, in other cases some portion of the bone may have to be removed in order to extract the tooth which is in complicated position.

In a simple extraction procedure, our dentist uses forceps and elevators to extract the tooth from the socket. It takes very less time. The socket is restored with suitable bone restoration materials.

In a complex extraction procedure, an incision is made in the gums and some portion of the bone is removed using a dental drill. The tooth is extracted using suitable dental instruments and the bone is restored. The gums are sutured back after the procedure.

In cases where the wisdom tooth has not erupted from the supporting bone, the tooth may have to be segmented into pieces before extracting it from the position. The bone is restored and the gums are sutured back after the procedure. Patients are advised on how to take care of the extraction site for quick recovery.

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