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Full Mouth Reconstruction: Restore Your Dental Health

Full mouth reconstruction Jefferson City

There comes a point for many patients when the variety of dental problems they face is overwhelming. Figuring out which issue to tackle first is so confusing to many people that the task gets put off out of frustration. If this describes you, then you should consider getting a step-by-step full mouth reconstruction plan mapped out that will put you on the path to good dental health.

Full mouth reconstruction tackles all the dental issues you face in a logical and efficient process, combining cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry techniques into a comprehensive plan. Each treatment plan is custom tailored to address your specific dental problems with the goal of restoring your dental health and improving your smile. Dr. Talva Grundstrom Joost, with offices in Jefferson City, has the in-depth dental experience required for full mouth reconstruction. Her background includes emergency and hospital dentistry as well as cosmetic and restorative expertise. She encourages her patients who have neglected their dental health to take the first step. As she points out, “It’s never too late to begin the process to better dental health."

Any dental issues can be included in a full mouth reconstruction. Typical problems include:

  • Missing Teeth:A missing tooth or multiple teeth can make it difficult to chew and talk. Missing teeth also introduce new problems as nearby teeth move into the gap. As teeth shift, your bite is altered, which can cause excess wear and damage to remaining teeth. Your treatment plan will map out the right solution for your missing teeth, such as bridges, dental implants (including full arches), or dentures.
  • Worn, Damaged or Decayed Teeth:If you have chipped or cracked teeth, cavities, or other tooth damage, a treatment plan will outline the proper solution. This can include fillings, inlays, onlays, and dental crowns.
  • Gum Disease and Recession:Gums play an important part in the health of your teeth. If you have gum disease, then a treatment plan will include plans to halt spread of the disease. Treatment will depend on the extent of the disease but can include: Scaling and root planing, medication, flap surgery, and bone or tissue grafts.
  • Structural Problems:Teeth that are out of alignment can cause abnormal wear on teeth or temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJ). Symptoms of TMJ disorder include jaw stiffness, limited jaw movement, clicking in the jaw joint, and changes in the way the upper and lower teeth fit together. Treatment will depend on what is causing your structural problems.
  • Other Issues:Cosmetic issues can also be solved during a full mouth reconstruction to enhance your smile and restore your confidence.

A full mouth reconstruction will make you feel better about your appearance but, just as important, will restore function to your mouth and help avoid the cascade of problems you will face if dental problems are not fixed.

Where Do I Start?

Take your first step to better dental health by requesting a personal consultation with Dr. Grundstrom Joost. If you are a good candidate for a full mouth reconstruction, she will perform a comprehensive dental exam and create a custom treatment plan tailored to your needs.

If you would like to tackle all your dental problems in a logical and efficient manner and restore your looks and dental health, please contact us today for an appointment.

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