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General Dentistry Jefferson City

General dental care is an umbrella term which includes diagnosis, treatment and a wide-range of dental procedures that are performed at our dental office. Patients of all age groups are welcome at our practice. Through general dentistry procedures, our dentist aims to prevent dental problems, restore soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity and improve oral health of our patients. If you or any of your family members are looking for a dentist who can take care of your dental needs, visit our office in Jefferson City, MO. Our preventive, restorative, cosmetic and emergency dental care can bring out a healthy smile in you.

Importance of oral care

According to American Dental Association, a person should visit a dental practice at least once in 6 months to prevent dental problems. Our dentist performs a thorough check of oral health and notes down the patient’s medical history. We look for signs of dental infection and check the bite. Steps are taken to prevent tooth decay and gum infection. This can help protect natural teeth and gums and improve oral health. Patients are informed about healthy hygiene habits which can reduce the risk of dental infection. Oral cancer screening is also part of general dental care. Periodic dental visits can play a significant role in a person’s oral and overall health.

What does a general dentist do?

General dentists are concerned about the status of teeth and gums, quality of bite and risk of oral cancer. Periodontal probe, explorer and other dental instruments are used to check the status of gums and teeth. X-rays may be required when our dentist doubts that an infection may be present between the teeth or below the gum-line. All these examinations are necessary to identify signs of dental infection.

Professional dental cleaning

Professional dental cleaning is a part of routine dental care. Brushing and flossing regularly is not sufficient to clear plaque and tarter from the oral cavity. Plaque and tarter which are formed over teeth surface have millions of bacteria. When they are not cleared from teeth surface, they can feed on food remains and cause erosion of teeth. Through professional dental cleaning plaque and tarter can be removed and the risk of dental infection can be reduced greatly.

Tooth restoration

When we find signs of tooth decay, necessary steps are taken to cure it and prevent it from reoccurring. The decayed part is removed and the tooth is restored using dental sealants, dental fillings or dental crowns. Patients are advised on how to take care of teeth so as to prevent decay in future.

Fluoride application

Fluoride is one substance which can help strengthen enamel layer of teeth. It is available in toothpaste, mouth washes and in community water sources in most of the parts of the US. Optimum intake of fluoride can help prevent tooth decay. When the patient is not getting sufficient fluoride from other sources, our dentist may provide supplements to help fight the infection.

Patients are advised about healthy hygiene habits and healthy diet. When patients are well-aware of how to take care of their oral health, most of the dental problems can be prevented and quality of life improves greatly.

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