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Tooth-colored vs. Metal Fillings - What Patients Should Know ?

Dental fillings are one of the most common and most well known of dental care treatments. They can make a major difference for patients who suffer from tooth decay and tooth damage. For years, metal fillings were the norm for care, but advances in cosmetic dentistry have led to more dental professional using tooth-colored/ceramic fillings.

There are obvious aesthetic advantages to using tooth-colored fillings, but many people are not aware of the dental health benefits involved. Let's take a few moments right now to compare the two and why the ceramic fillings are much better for patients.

The Uses of Dental Fillings

First off, a basic explanation of the uses of dental fillings. When a person has small amounts of tooth decay (i.e., cavities/dental caries), a family dentist will remove that damaged tooth structure and replace it with a dental filling. This is done in order to restore bite strength and prevent further tooth damage and dental health problems (e.g., root canal infection).

The Aesthetic Problems of Metal Fillings

The most notable thing about metal filings is that they are dark gray and hence very noticeable in the mouth. This isn't bad per se, though patients who have many cavities may have teeth that cosmetically displeasing.

Dental Health Issues and Metal Fillings

The dental health problems are of more concern than the aesthetics of metal fillings, however. For one, metal fillings often contain mercury, which is highly toxic and bad for your health.

In addition, the metal fillings had a tendency to warp in extremes of temperature, which meant expansion in hot temperatures and contraction in cold temperatures. Though the changes were minor, it could result in cracks and tooth damage over time, leading to a number of general dentistry problems in the long run.

Why Tooth-colored Fillings Are Superior

Tooth-colored dental fillings are just a better idea for dental treatment. For one, they are white rather than dark gray, meaning that they will blend in seamlessly with a patient's overall tooth structure.

The benefits are far more than cosmetic, though. Tooth-colored dental fillings are made from safe composite materials that contain no toxic or harmful substances. And since these fillings are ceramic, they will not warp or change shape in extreme temperatures as a metal filling would.

Perhaps most importantly, the use of tooth-colored fillings allows patients to maintain more of their healthy tooth structure. This means that dental restoration treatment is better for overall wellness and aesthetics as well as more conservative.

Other Concerns for Dental Care Treatment

There are plenty of other dental care treatments out there to consider if you want to improve your dental health. In addition to dental fillings, inlays, onlays, and dental crowns can be used to enhance overall wellness. When a patient has teeth that are too damaged or decayed, dental implants can be used to support an artificial tooth and restore total wellness.

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